Hotel Software
RDPConnect is RDP's philosophy for maximizing the revenue our hotel customers receive from the Global Distribution System (GDS) as well as Internet based reservations. RDPConnect provides "one stop" shopping for our hotel customers to make it as easy as possible to receive reservations from the GDS. The Global Distribution System (GDS) is a computer network originally designed by the airlines to provide travel agents with access to hotels, rental car, and airline availability. Traditionally, travel agents used a computer that was connected directly to a GDS company, such as Sabre or Apollo. Today, guests can make room reservations via the GDS by either calling a travel agent or using a GDS powered travel website, which are interfaced directly to the GDS. For a given hotel to be visible on the GDS, a "GDS Provider" must be hired. There are over 20 such companies available today. RDP has partnered with one of these companies, InnLink, to connect RDP customers to the GDS. RDP selected InnLink because of their excellent track record. Additionally we were able to negotiate a very good rate for our hotel customers by banding a large number of RDP customers together.